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Hearing the final verdict given by the judge in a trial can make for a anxiety-provoking experience. However, many criminal defendants do not know that the sentence called out in a trial is not final. Every criminal defendant has the right to appeal against the conviction or ask for a review of the trial proceedings. This right has been given to criminal defendants by law.

It is significant to have a skilled lawyer defending you if you want a fruitful result out of the appeal. Appeals are complicated procedures that require meeting court deadlines, rules and regulations, and a solid representation of the facts and references. There are cases where appeals can end up having no positive outcome – such as no sentence reversal or retrial.

However, we at Tibbitt Law will do our absolute best to defend you dedicatedly in the appellate court.

Appeal Services Offered at Tibbitt Law

Case Review

This is also known as the Appellate Review. In this appeal, a higher court has the right to review and evaluate the conviction or sentence passed by a lower court. The review includes the correction of legal errors that might have taken place during the trial proceedings, and establishing law and precedent to avoid future errors and settle future disputes.

We at Tibbitt Law are responsible for representing you fairly in the appellate court. We will ensure that the court reviews and corrects any issue or legal error that you have claimed to occur during your trial.

General Appeal

It is important to file an appeal within the given time period by the court. The only exception is if you have been granted an extension.  The sooner the appeal is registered, the sooner the process can begin.

Our lawyers are skilled and efficient in what they do. They understand that a wrongful conviction can be highly stressful. We will ensure that the appeal procedure is carried out within smoothly and within a timely manner. Your peace of mind is important to us. You can trust our lawyers to provide you with the best appeal service available.

Post-Conviction Relief

Post-conviction relief is filed by or on the behalf of the criminal defendant stating that the conviction or punishment should be set aside because the sentence or a denied appeal is against the state or federal constitution.

Our lawyers will carry out your petition for post-conviction relief with skill and professionalism. It is our job to represent you and your issues fairly in front of the court.

Direct Appeal

Direct appeal is the first step taken by the criminal defendant after being convicted in a trial. No punishment, conviction or sentence is taken as final if it has not been affirmed through the direct appeal procedure.

We at Tibbitt Law are going to make sure that your appeal is filed before the deadline and that you are defended skilfully in the appellate court.

Appeals can be stressful and complicated procedures. Our lawyers are committed to providing you with a smooth and fair service. It is our duty to work aggressively for your rights and justice.

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